2 weeks ago

How the Internet Affected Traditional Marketing

Having a strategy prior to deciding to start an Internet marketing campaign is just as essential as using a business strategy plan when you start your business. Even though there can be many demands positioned on a host of such an event, fundraisi read more...

2 weeks ago

Free Online Marketing Research Tools - are You paying For Answers?

One of the most difficult areas of starting any business is knowing where you can begin. The internet has brought about quite a few exceptional advantages to marketing such as quick and economical mode of circulating large amount of knowledge to a read more...

4 months ago

Who is Sears' Target Market?

Sears(64556)Credit: http://shopgala.com/couponblog/tag/sears/

Since it first opened in 1886, Sears has been one of the most famous department stores in the United States read more...

4 months ago

Long-Term Performance of Seasoned Equity Offerings: Benchmark Errors and Biases in Expectations.

Narasimhan Jegadeesh [*]

I investigate the long-term performance of firms that issue

seasoned equity relative to a variety of benchmarks. I find that these

firms significantly underperform all of my benchmarks over the five read more...

5 months ago

Five tips For Marketing Videos Online

The power of viral marketing is huge. One of the difficulties is always that it seems like that many content creators choose to produce either videos or they write articles. He attended a technical community college at Asheville-Buncombe, and late read more...

5 months ago

A Boy Named Lucas part 5: Taking the stand Video

Transcript for A Boy Named Lucas part 5: Taking the stand

Reporter: I'm Brian Ross from ABC news. When we first met William Knott, he showed us the hair-trigger temper that so frightened the teens under his control. I don't want to read more...

5 months ago

9 Homophobic Things Straight Men Say Too Often

I hear this double standard from all men, straight and gay alike: a detest for the loud, effeminate, queeny, bitchy, superficial, egotistical, sex-obsessed gays. Fem gays have long had to carve out their own faction in the LGBTQ (Lesbian-Gay-Bisex read more...